Get More Fans with the New and Improved Like Button

Great news! From now on, you can choose to connect the ‘like’ button to your fan page.
We’ve just given the facebook like application a major upgrade and now, visitors to your website can click the like button and become your facebook fans.

Until now, the facebook like button application was attached solely to the content page. This means that whenever a visitor clicked the ‘like’ button they were ‘liking’ the content on that page. You can still keep the regular settings and connect your ‘like’ button to your website’s content, the difference is that now you can choose how you want promote your site and what type of a connection you want to make with facebook.

Many of you have been writing us and asking for this feature, so we are extra excited to make this available to you now.

Connecting the ‘like’ button to your fan page will give your fan page a major boost, linking the traffic on your website with the traffic on your facebook fan page.

To choose the option you prefer go to your facebook ‘like’ button application’s settings.