Our New Dashboard – Get In-depth Statistics from Your Toolbar

We have just unveiled a brand new dashboard we’ve been working on for a while.

This new dashboard makes it really easy for you to see exactly what is going on with your toolbar, who’s using it and how they’re using it.

The new dashboard is divided into four different sections. Here is a quick breakdown of the information you can now access:


The overview includes news and updates from us. We’ll let you know when new apps are coming out, new features and general news from Wibiya.

In addition you can you can see a general overview of user engagement with your toolbar in addition to a breakdown of the different applications. A pie chart shows you which web apps are gaining popularity and you can also find out how many users have connected to social networks through your web toolbar, on a monthly basis and which networks they are using. The final graph displays a summary of the benefits you’ve enjoyed by using the Wibiya toolbar.


The analytics page gives you a drill down of the stats for each of the applications on your toolbar. It provides charts with information on user engagement with the application over the past day, week, month or since the application was installed.

Social Analytics

The social analytics aggregates all of your toolbar’s social data. Find out how many people are connecting through the different social networks and who these people are.


On the right you have a drop down list of all the applications installed on your web toolbar that have their own dashboard. This is where you can add and edit new notifications; see your real-time users and more!

Click through the application tab to choose the application dashboard you want to view or edit.

Wanna let us know what you think about this new dashboard? Write us at feedback@wibiya.com! We’re waiting to hear from you.