Use Wibiya to Chat with Your Facebook Friends

Hey! We’ve just upgraded our Social Chat application and created a new tab through which you can chat freely with all your online facebook friends!

Once they click the tab, users can view a list of their online facebook friends and invite them to chat. The web application also has a special search through which users can search and find the friends they are interested in chatting with.

Other features the facebook IM upgrade is introducing include:

  • An ‘invite all’ button that will post an invitation on the user’s facebook directly from the application.
  • The first time your user posts from this chat feature a link to the site page will be included. This will ensure that facebook users will see where the message was sent from and visit your site.
    Status control. Users can choose between a green online status and an offline status.
  • You can minimize a chat window and it will be saved as a small tab on your toolbar. It will remain static and available as your user browses through the different pages of your site, meaning they can get back to chatting whenever they want.

This is part of a series of apps we are introducing to help you integrate facebook into your site and connect your site with the social network.

What are the advantages?

Plenty! This connects one of the most popular facebook features with your site, meaning users will stay on your site longer and share more of your content with their friends. This makes your website a social hub and will lead to reduced bounce rates and an increase in traffic.

So, check this new IM and let us know what you think about it.